Walter Williams Jr
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Just  "Thinking out of the Box"
The "Bowtie Ambassador"
The Why I Wear A Bow Tie Foundations’ goal is to educate individuals on the importance of being open minded, goal oriented and branding themselves to be different. Why I Wear A Bow Tie was a dream of its founder Walter R. Williams, Jr.  Over the years Walter has volunteered his time and efforts to truly walk the walk and talk the talk of standing out among his peers. Walter’s vision finally became a reality in 2010 after many years of developing his concept.  The foundation was brought to life by Walter and a host of friends, who truly believe in Walter’s passion and message to brand himself to greatness.

The foundation will provide many unique workshops and presentations to spread its message to children, adolescents, young adults and the business community on the importance of branding themselves to greatness.  To read more about Walter and his achievements, visit

6 Points of Why I Wear A  Bow Tie- this seminar will help guide individuals on the importance of finding their niche in life, being open minded and goal oriented.

Dressing the Part- this seminar is geared toward young business professionals trying to obtain a competitive edge in the business world.

Tying the Knot- a lesson on tying a bow tie or regular tie that can be added to each seminar.  Ties are donated by private donors to each seminar participant.
Your donation could give a young man the self esteem that he needs to succeed in life as I did.
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Our Bowtie Foundation program is dedicated to providing the highest quality environment directly to educational, emotional, and social success. We work closely with students and parents by developing individualized plans of action with one goal in mind for everyone; getting every child into college.

We work with students who have tremendous potential, however are growing up facing some sort of adversity.  By doing so, we develop relationships with the students, parents, and educators to ensure a recurring theme of success. The expectations we have for our students are elevated as we refuse to allow mediocrity.

Graduates of our program will possess the tools necessary to allow them to make a difference. This will have an immediate impact within their personal lives, as well as their families, friends, schools, and communities.